#SUNBURST: Is the present world order at dead end? (I)

Nothing lasts forever. Animal and plant species or their creations like political, economic or religious institutions are all subject to constant change in evolution process.

In my book: THE SPARKS (New Beginning) I detailed that cycle of rise and fall is enshrined in every system. In a complete departure to what you might know, I linked the principle of rise and fall to atomic vibrations in everything that exists. Grab a copy of this book for more details.

Nonetheless, there is important element that facilitates movement of this cycle from its relatively starting point as it rises to its peak before decilne begins. This element is time.

“Depending on the size of the frequency, a cycle can be completed in as small as nano seconds or as big as billions of years. Interestingly, time to complete different cycles from the smallest to the grandest all exist within and around you. Our beautiful planet complete one cycle of rotation on its axis every twenty-four hours to give us one day. And this cycle comprises of light during the day and darkness during the night, also known as rise and fall” (culled from THE SPARKS (New Beginning)

Empires and civilizations also rise and fall. In some cases, the empires undergo internal institutional shake up in order to reposition for the future. Today’s #SUNBURST revolves around this interest.

Powerful empires rule like it is going to last forever. Many who lived through the peak of Roman empire never imagined that the empire could some day collapse or Latin language obsoleted. Byzantine, Ottoman, Kush, Ptolemaic empires and the Eastern power blocks like Qing and Han dynasties held sway in their time.

No one willingly gives up control and advantage. Ironically, when it’s time to go down every effort to stay up leads downward.

Globalization has brought humans closer but arguably divided the world more. Being at the apex of global order is difficult but sustaining that position is even far more difficult.

Acknowledging that our world is at the dead end of something is one thing and pinpointing the exact thing is another. Are we at the verge of cataclysm event? Are certain civilizations about to fall? Or some internal institutions of some powerful civilizations are about to be strengthened in major onslaught? Find out in the next edition of #SUNBURST.

May Lights Shine On Our Paths.


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