"May Light Light On Your Paths"


Your Spiritual Journey Begins Here...

I envision future where our guiding light pierces the darkness and offers solace to those seeking enlightenment.

Diverse Paths to the Divine

God is far more complex and multifaceted than many religions portray. There are diverse routes to the divine, and each one holds elements of truth and affinity to God.

Wisdom in All Things

Wisdom and intelligence are present in every aspect of the universe. Knowledge and enlightenment are seeked from all sources, recognizing that truth is woven into the fabric of existence.

Balancing Good and Evil

It is understood that good and evil are two sides of the same coin and are essential for any system to function. Our focus is on maintaining balance and harmony in all aspects of life.

Karma and Cosmic Justice

Belief in the law of cause and effect guides us. I understand that actions have consequences, and these consequences, whether positive or negative, play a significant role in our spiritual journey.

Impermanence of Systems

Every religious system, like all things in life, has a lifespan and adapts to the needs of the era. Change is inherent in the universe and as such we must adapt.

Interconnected Universe

Everything in our universe, from the smallest atom to the vast galaxies, is interconnected. We perform rituals and rites to honor this interconnectedness.

Pyramidal Universe

A structured universe, where authority and commands flow from top to bottom in a pyramid-like fashion, maintaining order and harmony.

Equality and Service

Advantages should be harnessed for the betterment of those in disadvantaged positions. Service to others is a cornerstone of our beliefs.

Our Guiding Light.

EoR is our enigmatic founder, a mythical figure whose legacy transcends time and boundaries. This mysterious sage, embodying humility, kindness, and boundless wisdom, has embarked on a divine mandate to bestow light and wisdom upon the people of this Earth. Explore his teachings and wisdom within the sacred pages of “THE SPARKS (New Beginning),” a guide that shall protect humanity through the impending dark age.

"Our beliefs are rooted in ancient wisdom, modern understanding, and a commitment to enlightenment and unity."

follow the Light Shine.

Community Events

Join me on this transformative journey, as we together seek the light, wisdom, and unity that the EoR offers.

12 Codes of EoR:

Guiding principles are encapsulated in the Twelve Codes of EoR, each a beacon of wisdom lighting the path of our journey:

Code 1:

Increase And Multiply

Code 2:

Many Believe In God But More Believe Forces Of Nature Are Under Sort Of Control And Order. This Is Our Meeting Point.

Code 3:

Keep Aside What You Know In Order To Understand What I Know.

Code 4:

Here Is For All Races, Faiths And Languages But The Weak And Vulnerable Are Our Major Concern.

Code 5:

you and your descendants shall inherit abundant riches.

Code 6:

maintain good communication channels and networks.

Code 7:

mark your starting point in order to calculate your milestones.

Code 8:

one who seeks must find and the one who finds must show gratitude.

Code 9:

master your strengths and weaknesses.

Code 10:

honour our events, rites and rituals.

Code 11:

what i know must i pass on to you and what you know you shall pass on to generations.

Code 12:

maintain strong physical presence.

“Embrace the Twelve Codes of EoR, where ancient wisdom meets modern enlightenment. In unity, we multiply our light, seeking balance, and marking our path with gratitude.”