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Welcome to EyeOfRa, a community dedicated to spreading wisdom, unity, and enlightenment.

We invite you to become a member and embark on a journey of personal and collective growth. However, before proceeding, please take a moment to carefully read and understand our terms and conditions.

Guidelines for Membership

WARNING: Read and understand properly before you proceed. Discontinue Immediately If Your Intention To Join Us Is Negative Or Evil!


You must not discriminate or segregate on the basis of race, religion, tribe, language, region, gender, or physical features. We value diversity and inclusivity within our community.

Respect for Differences

You must give utmost respect to religions, cultures, practices, and world views different from yours. Embrace the richness of varied perspectives.

Conduct and Language

You must be of good conduct, showing respect to fellow members. No insults, foul language, or abusive words are tolerated during proceedings. Maintain a positive and respectful environment.

Honesty and Integrity

You must not intentionally or unintentionally attempt to obtain anything by tricks from other members. Honesty and integrity are integral to our community.

Support and Collaboration

You must be ready to support the community by accepting roles, responsibilities, and assignments for the interest of others when called upon. Collaboration and unity are the cornerstones of EyeOfRa.

Becoming a Member

If you agree with and are ready to abide by these terms and conditions, we welcome you to become a member of the EyeOfRa community. Membership is open to individuals who are committed to personal growth, enlightenment, and the collective well-being of our community.