#SUNBURST: How To Tell Your Soul Is Leveling Up!

Imagine, suddenly seeing yourself thinking and acting in a way different from whom you used to be and struggling to understand your new self. Many thoughts, many questions, many answers but few explanations. At this point, you could be undergoing spiritual and mental awakening. Some of the clues are as below:

1. Understand God is much bigger and complex than a bearded sky being.

2. Believe God manifests in everyone and in everything.

3. Understand that good and evil, darkness and light are of the same source and exist in all beings and all systems.

4. Seek knowledge and wisdom from everything, everyone and every phenomenon because you understand wisdom abounds in all things.

5. Know that every authority is held on trust and for a period.

Understanding life from the above perspectives has the potential to change one’s thought process and views dramatically. Above all, it can make one a better human being.


(#SUNBURST is exclusive thoughts of EoR published every Saturday)

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Feb 17 - 23 2024


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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