#NUMBREYO369: …Because I’m counted worthy!

NUMBREYO is a combination of two words: number and embryo.

An embryo is an unborn or unhatched offspring in the very early stages of development.

In the case of NUMBREYO, the offspring is numbers. On these days, we celebrate the conception and birth of numbers in a Festival known as “NUMBREYO “

Number is the most important thing in our world. Number represents and rules over everything in this world including humans.

From your time, to your economy to your entire life, number is the most potent determinant.

This is why the day, month and year of our birth is very significant. In western astrology, zodiac signs are determined by day and month of birth while Chinese astrology assigns zodiac based on year of birth. This is also numbers determining how you came into the world.

If there is anything that matters in this world, you should know It is numbers, because they rule your thoughts, your finances, health, lifespan etc.

On my journey, in my curiosity, I wanted to know why number is such a vital element to us.

What I seek I find and the questions I ask, i get the answers.

Responses started flowing, i was told that if you can manipulate numbers then you can have your world at your feet.

What science does is practically to manipulate numbers. Scientific or mathematical equation is only a proven technique or process to manipulate numbers within specific area of interest.

Scientific advantage equates superiority in manipulation of numbers.

How do we master the act of manipulating numbers I asked?

And I was told that during certain days and certain months in a year, God’s powers or the forces of the Universe as you may wish to identify are most potent.

“From the sixth day to the ninth day of the third month every year, from the third day to the ninth day of the sixth month of every year, and from the third day to the sixth day of the ninth month of every year, the powers of the Universe are most potent. Pray, ask and work for anything these seasons, and you ahall receive abundantly because God’s powers are closer to you than ever.’

These days and months have something in common; they are a mixture of numbers 3,6,9.

Nikola Tesla was quoted in an interview that:
“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

369 has been sometimes referred to as God’s Code. It represents universal energy, frequency and vibration.

On these days, we celebrate the conception and birth of numbers



The event is finished.


Mar 06 - 09 2024


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