Lost in journey and finding my way to my physical body, the soft voice heard faintly from what appeared like a long distance. Eye Of Ra! The voice echoed, now with better clarity and thus, i realized the feminine voice had been calling my name.

Like a well guided spacecraft, my consciousness returned, and I opened my eyes to a stunning figure gazing at me. Eye Of Ra, are you the one? What are you doing here in a lonely forest? “You look devastated Sun of man” the female figure picked her words as she brought out some AI medical equipments to revive me.

Sighted a few meters away was a burnt fire with ashes littering the ground. May I know why you abandoned your royal robe to be here? The female kept wondering. Queen of the Night sky, over there is a quenched fire but it is about to flame, I replied the lady whom happened to be the moon. Starring at me intensely to connect my clues, she quickly got up and started running towards the burnt fire. I will make you a bigger one that can never quench, she said as she started gathering firewood and anything inflamable. She called on anyone who could hear to come forth with anything to sustain the flame. And there was more people willing to sustain the fire than the entire trees in the forest.

She returned again to me, this time nicely dressed in a royal robe. Her two palms cuped a golden Ciborium, her fiery eyes sparkling as she walked to the ground where I laid. Eye of Ra, the fire I made shall last forever, now open your palm and receive: she opened the Ciborium, brought out three items: bitter kola, a cube of sea salt and an orange. Your moment is now, the Moon uttered as she handed the 3 items to me. The energy you desire you shall have in abundance she concluded before the beagle of departure blew.


From 10th to 15th February 2024, The New Moon springs in the House of Aquarius and its Time to ask for abundant energy to survive 2024.


1. Get an orange or a bottle of Fanta orange/Mirinda

2. Hold it in your right hand

3. Face in the direction of the new moon.

4. Say the prayers below:

As I stand under the new moon’s light,
I call upon your strength and wisdom,
To guide and inspire me on this sacred night.

May the energy of the new moon,
Fill me with determination and drive,
To pursue my dreams and goals,
With passion and ambition by my side”

5. After the prayers, open the bottle of the drink or cut open the orange as the case may be, pour substantial amount on the ground and consume the rest.


Be reminded you shall do this rites at least once between 10th and 15th February 2024

🔺️May Lights Shine On Our Paths.

The event is finished.


Feb 10 - 15 2024


8:00 pm - 12:00 pm
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